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  • Worldwide shipping that includes custom clearance services.
  • The great spectrum of available patterns with 1,000 new ones added annually.
  • Best rates on the market, especially for huge adire fabric wholesale orders.

Your 24/7 Adire Fabric Supplier in China

W&G strives to provide you the best services and adire fabric wholesale proposals. To deliver our promises, we store 66 printing lines and 17,000 textile experts that can produce around 100,000,000 yards of fabrics every year. These great manufacturing capacities are supported by qualified customer service groups. We are online 24/7 to answer all your questions and meet your requests. We can help you with design selection, pricing net, state of delivery, and so on.

Our adire fabric wholesale offers are the most profitable in the market. We aim at the success of your business and prefer to give you a superior position among your competitors.

Adire Fabric as a Piece of Art and Culture

W&G stores a huge collection of adire cloth and other traditional national textiles. Our designers use old themes to create state-of-art patterns that bring a feeling of authenticity and natural loveliness. Adire fabric is a traditional Nigerian textile that is made by talented artists from Yorubaland. And W&G honors each part of this tradition, utilizing natural materials and conventional production techniques.

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W&G – your Prime Adire Fabric Manufacturer

W&G’s passion is to create the loveliest pieces of textiles in the market. We store more than 30,000 design patterns for our fabrics, including hundreds for our adire fabric. You can choose between them, or provide us with your own drawings for a custom piece. We are proud to have hundreds of designers that add new patterns each day and help to produce your bespoke adire cloth fabric.

Our advantage in the industry helps W&G to provide you the best rates possible. Our strategy lies in the constant stimulation of your business to help you reach new horizons. We would be waiting for your inquiry and the chance to start working with you. Please, use the form on the right to contact W&G and order your adire cloth.

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