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  • Perfect quality of each manufactured yard of African textiles.
  • Great market prices, especially for African clothing fabric wholesale orders.
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Your Reliable Supplier of African Clothing Fabric

W&G considers itself as the leading African clothing fabric supplier in China. We are on the market for more than 15 years, and during this time we have created the most flexible choice of items. Our pattern collection contains more than 30,000 designs, and we add a thousand new solutions on a yearly basis. If you are not satisfied with our range of textiles, you can come up with your design developments.

W&G market strategy is to provide you the lowest prices possible. Our wholesale proposals are targeted on the growth of your business in the first place. The creation of a net of prolific partners gives us nearly endless sources for sales in the future. W&G is oriented on prolonged relations.

Connection of Culture with Our African Clothing Fabric

W&G operations are centered across the long-lasting heritage of African people. We are proud to help you reach these pieces of art in the form of our African clothing fabrics. These materials might be used for the production of traditional clothes, as well as modern apparel. W&G promotes its products in the global market and has delivered African clothing fabrics to our clients in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia. Doing so, we help to accumulate more attention to these pieces of African cultural life.

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Superior African Clothing Fabric Factory – W&G

W&G has reached its dominant market position for a sole reason. For all years of existence, we have searched for the best solutions for our clients and provided them with the cheapest prices.

We do not see a good perspective of placing big rates on our products. Our tactic is simple – the more you can earn on our African clothing fabric wholesale order, the more your buy from us eventually. It is quite an easy thing to say, however, in practice, it is hard to manufacture high-qualitative textiles and make them cheap. W&G reaches this goal by implementing high-tech techniques and keeping our production lines in perfect shape.

We would be proud to start working with you. Please, leave us your inquiry to start our prolific relations.

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