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  • Best rates on the market with flexible payment options.
  • Manufacturing capacity of 100,000,000 yards per a single year.
  • If required, your order might be processed by more than 20 designers.

W&G – The Best Choice for African Curtain Fabric Wholesalers

For more than 15 years of prosperous operations, W&G has gained the reputation of a trusted African curtain fabric wholesale supplier. Our African curtain fabrics are produced from the high-qualitative raw materials, after which the quality of the end product is inspected to exclude the possibility of rejects. Some companies turn their prices up with all the aforesaid services, however, W&G keeps its rates at the lowest level possible.

Because of our financial strategy, we help your enterprise to get the most profitable price difference. Alongside with available customization options, you achieve clear advantages among other parties. Remember that our African curtain fabric can be used for upholstery as well, meaning that you can decorate the whole house with these textiles.

African Curtain Fabric in the Modern Culture

Despite that our civilization has passed through multiple cultural revolutions, some fashion solutions stay actual all the time. W&G praises the significance of African culture and its influence on the style and taste of humanity. We spread its beauty around the globe and help you to share it with your end customers. Our African curtain fabrics are more than pieces of textiles. Each of our products carries parts of rich African history and cultural heritage.

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Your Top-Notch African Curtain Fabric Factory

W&G continues its prolific journey and helps you to get the most valued African curtain fabrics wholesale proposals in the market. Our passion lies in the constant development combined with the implementation of advanced manufacturing and printing techniques. Now our production facilities consist of 66 printing machines that are capable of making more than 100,000,000 yards of African textiles every year.

We are proud to have customers globally, including the US, UK, EU countries, African countries, etc. We have vast expertise in dealing with shipping partners and officials worldwide. You can require our services when your goods get to the customs clearance on all stages of the shipping route.

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