African Design Fabric Manufacturer – Customize and Designing

  • With 66 printing lines and 17,000 experts, we can fulfill any kind of demand.
  • We are the direct manufacturing source and you get the corresponding pricing.
  • Broad choice of designs for African fabrics, with more than 30,000 available options.

W&G – Direct Source of Unique African Design Fabric

W&G is a passionate African design fabric supplier. And the design is the heartbeat of our fabrics. When we process your order, you get the help of a 20-person design team. Our specialists can help you to create any imaginable pattern for your African fabric. Also, you can add some custom marks on our textiles, such as prints and logos, or even change the color pattern.

Combined with the excellent wholesale pricing system, you get the most dedicated partner for the purchase of African design fabrics. W&G always thinks of your profit in the first place by providing all our qualitative textiles at the lowest prices. When you achieve such an excellent service, you get all the needed tools for the most efficient operation.

African Design Fabric as a Part of Fashion and Culture Worlds

We are happy to spread the beauty of African culture in the form of our designer fabrics. W&G strives to bring the most lovely traditional patterns and transform them to achieve a resemblance to modern tendencies. Eventually, we provide you with the most stylish options of African design fabrics that can be used to produce wonderful clothes and pieces of interior.

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Your #1 Provider of African Design Fabric

W&G has gained worldwide recognition for providing perfect African design fabric wholesale proposals at low prices. We can deliver our products in any part of the world and even help you with the customs clearance on both ends of the delivery. We have a lot of textiles always available in stock for your choice, and it won’t take long to produce any required amount for your needs.

We combine the superior quality of our goods with excellent customer services. We provide a 24/7 channel for your requests, and we are always glad to help you acquire our African design fabrics and other textiles. Please, contact W&G so we can discuss providing you a African design fabric wholesale discount for your order.

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