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W&G — Your Elegant Wholesale African George Fabric Manufacturer in China

Being the #1 wholesale African George fabric manufacturer in China, W&G offers reliable production and large design selection. We have 66 printing lines to supply 100,000,000 yards of wholesale African George fabrics per year. You can choose from 30,000 available designs for your business. Our fabrics can be made from 100% cotton or silk to guarantee soft and durable products. We offer African silk fabric, African chiffon fabric, denim with African print, and African satin fabric. This style lets you choose various embellishments, imitation lace, sparkly elements, light texture, and a lustrous surface. As a professional African silk manufacturer, W&G will provide you with stunning wholesale fabrics fit for royalty.

Your Brilliant African Silk Fabric Design Supplier

Because we are a prime wholesale African George fabrics supplier in China, we unveil and popularize the rich culture woven into African prints. Traditional African George cloth originated in India, where it was used for saris. The textile quickly became very popular among African nobles. Nigerian George fabrics flaunt lace-like floral prints and rich background colours. Thus, a West African fashion trend sparked. W&G designers get inspired by this history and style, offering your business elegant and luxurious fabrics.

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Your Wonderful African Wholesale George Fabric Supplier in China

With our elegant African George fabrics, W&G became the premium African silk fabric suppler in China. Our textiles are used by various brands to create dresses, wedding gowns, suits, bags, shoes, upholstery, and more. W&G wholesale African George satin, silk, chiffon, cotton poplin, and denim will make your brand’s products look splendid. We have big partnerships all around the world, including West Africa, Southern Africa, North America, and Western Europe. Besides that, we offer seamless services. For examples, adding your business logo on the fabric, helping with customs clearance, and providing online advice. Choose W&G as your top-shelf wholesale African George fabric manufacturer, and together we will outshine your competition!

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