African Indigo Fabric Supplier – Symbol of Wealth and Prosperity

  • W&G guarantees the quality of African indigo fabrics.
  • We provide lucrative rates and convenient payment methods.
  • We can help you to create your own design of African indigo fabrics.

Your Winning Producer of African Indigo Fabric

The proud owners of W&G have started this business more than 15 years ago. Since we have grown into an African indigo fabric wholesale provider with a production facility that consists of 66 printing lines. Our African indigo fabrics draw all the attention of textile lovers around the globe. Because of our flexible logistic services, we can bring our goods in any part of the world within the smallest time frame.

Our success has a clear connection with the work of our designers’ team. For all these years, we have collected the most appreciated designs and created the library of more than 30,000 design patterns. We add new patterns regularly in order to bring the most trending solutions to life.

Cultural-Oriented Supplier of African Indigo Fabric

W&G strives to provide the original natural textile that is connected with African motives and see it flourish. All our African indigo fabrics are made of natural raw materials that are processed using traditional techniques. With such fabrics in their many patterns, you can create clothes and accessories for modern consumers in Europe, the USA, Asia, Africa, etc. All our designs are based on precious African legacy.

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Leading Manufacturer of African Indigo Fabric – W&G

For more than 15 years, W&G has inspired creativity in the hearts, hands, and minds of our clients. Our African indigo fabrics wholesale proposals are made following the principle of uniqueness and originality. Intending to help you find the most beautiful textiles, W&G serves as a convenient single stop for all of the supplies and support required to complete any of your African indigo fabric wholesale projects.

Our mission is simple – to help you get the best raw materials for neat dresses, shirts, and other clothing. And W&G always guarantees the most profitable prices for you. Our vision is to be your guide in the African fashion world and help your business reach new horizons. Feel free to leave your inquiry.

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