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  • Affordable prices that are oriented on your constant profit.
  • A wide array of possible design solutions, with more than 30,000 patterns in total.
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Choose Your Perfect African Shirt Fabric from W&G

W&G specializes in the creation of African stylized fashion. We manufacture our African shirt fabrics from natural cotton and add prints using traditional techniques. As a result, you get stylish raw materials for various clothes, including shirts, dresses, etc. Besides our stock patterns, you can also come up with your unique designs and ideas. W&G provides nearly endless customization of freedom for our African shirt fabric wholesale orders.

We work for a great purpose – to create a positive environment for social and economic changes. We produce our African shirt fabrics to help in the creation of the most qualitative apparel for the needs of your end customers.

Cultural Heritage of African Shirt Fabric

We aim at reaching the brand identity that serves a good purpose. W&G styles are created to tell stories of African culture and heritage. Alongside traditional motives, we also use the latest fashion trends to create a beautiful array of African shirt fabric for your choice. We spread our influence worldwide, making African culture within a reach of every possible W&G partner.

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Your Best Provider of African Shirt Fabric – W&G

For more than 15 years of trials and achievements, W&G has reached the top of the African fabric and textile market. Our constant search for the most fashionable solutions has led to the establishment of a large manufacturing facility, with 66 printing lines and more than 17 000 specialists that help the magic happen.

When you put an African shirt fabric wholesale order, you become a part of complex relations between our designers, manufacturing experts, shipping and consultant staff, etc. Eventually, you get top-notch services and goods that are delivered on time, always. Our support teams work 24/7 so you can count on our help any time, even if you are located in a different timezone.

We are ready to fulfill all kinds of your needs. Please, reach our consult team by filling the nearby form.

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