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  • The fairest prices in the market.
  • Great African traditional fabric wholesale proposals.
  • The wide array of available designs, more than 30,000 African fabric patterns.

W&G is your Reliable Choice of African Traditional Fabric

W&G is an African traditional fabric manufacturer with 15+ years of operational experience. Since the moment of foundation, we have grown to the leading African traditional fabric supplier, with the annual rate of 100,000,000 yards produced textiles. We have reached these heights because of our perfect customer service, profitable rates, and exceptional quality.

When you are doing business with W&G, you receive services from several teams of professional experts. Each of your African traditional fabric wholesale orders might be processed by a team of more than 20 designers. Also, you will be supported by our consulting team that can help you with the latest rates, hottest options of African traditional fabric, etc.

Legacy of African Traditional Fabric in Culture

Being the progressive African traditional fabric supplier, W&G never forgets about the cultural importance of our business. When we share our textiles with the masses around the globe, we give them a piece of African art in each item. W&G designers take traditional African patterns and fill them up with modern colors put on qualitative materials. Eventually, you get authentic textiles that tell the rich story of the African continent.

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Your Excellent African Traditional Fabric Manufacturer

W&G thinks of African traditional fabric as a perfect tool for the growth of your business. We are proud to be your trusted textile factory with the most versatile choice of designs. As it was mentioned above, our collection of patterns contain more than 30,000 options, and we add 1,000 new ones yearly. If you still can’t find the required African traditional fabric, we would be glad to create a unique piece based on your specifications. Additionally, you might add your own logos on the product. Combined with our reasonable pricing, you get the most flexible solution in the textile market.

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