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  • Timely shipping with additional options for customs clearance and storage services.
  • A wide array of available design patterns and additional customization options.
  • Cheap prices that will help you to maximize your profit.

Comprehensive African Upholstery Fabric Wholesale Supply

W&G takes all efforts to bring you the complete list of services and the most versatile choice of African print upholstery fabric. We strive to create a range of textiles that would be enough even for the most demanding projects. Thus, we store more than 30,000 patterns and add 1,000 new designs to the collection each year. Even if you haven’t found the required product, we can help you to develop mudcloth upholstery fabric based on your patterns.

Alongside with customization options, W&G also provides qualified logistic services that might include customs clearance and storage of your African upholstery fabric wholesale order.

African Upholstery Fabric Cultural Significance

W&G appreciates the cultural aspects of its business. We produce our African upholstery fabric and other textiles based on traditional arts and patterns of this southern continent. When we make these fabrics, we utilize only natural components and techniques to bring you the most correct version of traditional African textiles. All our designs contain pictures from the past of these nations, and we are proud to spread it around the world.

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You Endless African Upholstery Fabric Wholesale Supply – W&G

W&G’s main strategy is to become the main partner of various customers worldwide. When you come to us, you never want to leave us for another supplier. We store all products and services needed for the rapid growth of your business. And we can manufacture any amount of African mudcloth upholstery fabric within the shortest period of time due to 66 printing lines owned by W&G. These machines can produce around 100,000,000 yards of textiles each year to meet any kind of demand.

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