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  • 10,000 available designs of textiles, with 500 new ones added each year.
  • Timely delivery services with options for customs clearance and storage.
  • Profitable prices that help your business to expand faster.

W&G is your Complete Solution for Aso Oke Fabric Supply

W&G started its operations more than 15 years ago to bring the world a new look at the African fashion industry. For all these years, we have gained great advantages among our direct competitors and created a perfect range of aso oke fabrics. We are glad to share our success with you and help you to gain the same level of prominence.

Our development strategy lies in the constant improvement of our production means.  Despite our great manufacturing abilities, we never underestimate the usefulness of our products and utilize only natural materials and production techniques.

Cultural Value of Aso Oke Fabric

During our operations, we always remember our mission – to gift the attractiveness of African art to you. We use well-known weaven techniques and natural materials, combining them with modern manufacturing means and designs, make perfect laser cut also oke. Together, we bring a unique mix of good old traditional drawings and nowadays fashion solutions. When we produce our aso oke fabric, we think of the rich culture of Nigerian society.

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Your Trustworthy Source of Aso Oke Fabric – W&G

W&G is a company known for its flawless products and services. For all years of being, we have reached the maximum customer satisfaction rate. This is due to our excellent support team that is available 24/7 to assist you with your aso oke fabric wholesale order. You can require the latest rates and actual choice from them, and even place your delivery troubles on them.

Despite that we aim at excellence in all aspects of our business, W&G considers itself as the most loyal company when it comes to prices. We offer you the best rates on laser cut aso oke fabric in the industry. To make your order from W&G, leave your inquiry.

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