W&G, Batik Fabric Manufacturer in China

  • 17,000 workers and more than 20 batik printing designers
  • Many certifications and strict quality control
  • Custom OEM and ODM services on your batik fabric

Your Quality African Batik Fabric Wholesale Supplier

W&G is among the best wholesale batik printed fabric manufacturers in China that your business can rely on. We offer excellent batik printed fabric with quality and capacity, as well as many batik printing to choose from. Our factory manufactures about 100,000,000 yards of African print fabrics yearly. We also create up to 1,000 brand new designs each year. Being a reliable batik fabric manufacturer, we offer elegant traditional batik fabrics made from 100% high-grade cotton. W&G cotton batik print fabric are durable, soft, and breathable. They can have silky, matte, lustrous, or mottled effects to suit your requirements. All these features and capabilities will surely expand your batik fabrics wholesale business.

W&G —Your Culturally Sensible Batik Fabric Manufacturer

Although W&G is a China-based batik print fabric manufacturer, we still wish to communicate African culture. About 90% of our production goes to African wholesale businesses. Our patterns reflect the multi-cultural history tied to the art of batik. Batik fabrics originated from Javanese and African wax prints. We are inspired by Nigerian wax print, Bali, Dashiki, Khanga, Ghana, Malaysian, and other styles. Combining these lets W&G create traditional, unique, and modern batik prints. W&G’s culturally appreciative approach helped us become the leading wholesale African batik printed fabrics manufacturer in China.

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Your China-Based Wholesale Batik Fabrics Supplier with Worldwide Support

W&G is a professional batik fabric manufacturer that has worked with many wholesale businesses and institutions globally. You can use our batik print fabrics for wax batik dress material wholesale, eye-catching banners, durable upholstery, and more. W&G supplied batik for various brands, African presidential campaigns, festivals, etc. You can find our clients all over the world: across Africa, North America, and Western Europe. As a premier batik fabric manufacturer, we offer services that many keep coming back to. We guarantee style, low price, high quality, and utility—all the necessary components for a successful wholesale wax batik dress material business. Contact us today; we are always happy to help your business thrive!

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