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  • Great choice of fabrics with more than 30,000 available designs.
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  • The most affordable prices in the textile industry.

Your Faithful Capulana Fabric Supplier in China

W&G has achieved a leading position in the textile market for the last 15 years. We always expand our manufacturing capacities, and nowadays, our facility contains 66 printing lines that can work simultaneously. Together, they are able to produce 100,000,000 yards of fabrics each year. We can fulfill any kind of your capulana fabric order.

W&G is a huge company that provides working places for more than 17,000 employees. Together, we supply our capulana fabrics to customers around the globe and send our message in the fashion industry. We believe in strong design solutions, thus, all your orders are fulfilled with the help of a 20+ designers team.

Artistic Background of Capulana Fabric

W&G’s main passion lies in the thorough research of African culture in order to find the most beautiful traditional patterns and art motives. Using them, we create a great choice of capulana fabrics and other textiles that carry the spirit of the African continent. Our mission is to popularize this style and help it get more admirers. All our African fabrics contain pieces of traditional art.

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Experienced Capulana Fabric Manufacturer – W&G

Here at W&G, we praise your interests and pay attention to all details of your requirements. We are happy to have nearly 100% customer satisfaction, however, we are not surprised by these stats. All our success comes from hard work and constant development of our techniques, equipment, qualification, etc. When you order our capulana fabrics, you get the most reliable ally on your side.

Our strength comes from not only our great production capacity, but from additional services as well. Our customer support group works 24/7 to provide you all the required help during all stages of your order. W&G works with advanced logistic partners that can help you with fast delivery and customs clearance.

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