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Your Professional Chitenge Fabric Supplier and Producer

W&G is a company that always strives to expand, develop, and gain more qualifications. Our tactic is to raise the most professional staff members that can do their job with exceptional quality. W&G has more than 17,000 employees that operate 66 printing lines and other additional equipment. We constantly train our staff members so they can be as productive as possible. Also, we try to raise the quality of their services, because this helps to increase the quality of Chitenge fabric as well. We guarantee the grade of our textiles because we inspect each yard of our fabric before shipping.

Cultural Mission of our Chitenge Fabric

When producing our textiles, W&G thinks of the highest quality and full conformity to traditional ways of manufacturing. We use only natural components and materials, combining them with well-known and trusted manufacturing methods. Together, they form the perfect conditions for the creation of the most authentic Chitenge patterns. All our textiles are made just like it is instituted among African craftsmen.

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The Best Chitenge Fabric Wholesale Choice – W&G

W&G has a long story of success, with more than 15 years of broad expertise under our belts. During these years, we have created billions of yards of chitenge material and fulfilled thousands of orders worldwide. We have delivered our Chitenge material to multiple huge fashion companies that produce a beautiful range of clothes and accessories for the needs of their end customers. Our excellent story became possible because of our continuous tries to bring you the best chitenge patterns and services possible. Our customer support group works 24/7 to be here with you during all stages of your Chitenge fabric order. These specialists would be happy to help your business grow. You can contact these W&G experts using the form on the right

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