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Custom African Wax Print Fabric

W&G making custom African print fabric for Special use like Presidential Election, Party Campaigns, Voting, Festival, School Uniform, Church, Religion or Large Nonprofit Organization’s Publicity, Brand Building and Promotion. Hope our professional job can make you more successful. Send us you detail request now.

Custom Your African Print Fabric to Meet Your Specific Requirement

  • If you want to promote your business.
  • If you want to growing your reputation in your people.
  • If you want to make African wax print fabric as a gift to support your government.
  • If you want to improve your brand awareness.
  • If your organization have events to celebrate all together..
  • If you have religion or large nonprofit organization’s publicity to wearing the same in logo and slogan in clothing.
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How to Custom Your African Wax Print Fabrics

Give us your Photo and Slogan
We suggest you different fabric qualities to choose
Choose the quality you want to print on
We design several options for your choice
Receive your own African prints
You choose the final design to print
Option 2 & 3

Why Choose W&G

W&G making customize designs for Special use like presidential election, party campaigns, voting, festival, school uniform, brand promotion, etc.

We have more than 10 years Government Project experiences, and have supplied custom African wax print fabric to many African countries’ governments.

W&G also worked with many religion or large nonprofit organization’s publicity, to help African women, children, and people. It makes our working not only like a business, but more meaningful and valuable.

Our custom African wax print fabric helped many companies to establish their brand and extending their business, we have supplied to bank, organization, state owned companies, and many other independent companies.

W&G, Your #1 Choice for African Fabric


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