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  • 100% natural soft cotton poplinmaterial.
  • Vivid in style and enriched by the special sheen and soft surface of the fabric.
  • Competitive Price System

Your Expert African Dashiki Fabric Wholesale Manufacturer in China

W&G is proud to be one of the best wholesale Dashiki fabric manufacturers in China. This pattern is one of the most important of our range, it looks like an attractive voluptuous woman. We offer you our Dashiki wholesale fabrics have all sorts of cultural. It includes the signature Dashiki imitation embroidery along the V-neckline and the sleeves. The bright and long-lasting fabrics look stunning with the complex embroidery and embossed elements. W&G detailed, high-definition embroidery combines floral and geometrical motifs. W&G Dashiki is made from 100% breathable and comfortable cotton. Annually, we manufacture 100,000,000 yards of African fabric. So, being a premium African Dashiki fabric manufacturer, we will handle all your requirements.

W&G — Your Wholesale African Dashiki Supplier with Cultural Prints

Since W&G is an experienced Dashiki wholesale supplier in China, we know that Dashiki fabrics have extensive history threading through them. Its origins stem from Yoruba and Hausa cultures, and the West African climate—humid and hot. Thus, a loose-fitting cotton Dashiki shirt or dress is ideal. In West Africa, Dashiki is commonly worn in Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Congo, and Ghana. The vivid and beautiful, ornate Angelina-print Dashiki fabrics stand for African pride—and W&G is always ready to support African wholesale businesses and people.

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Your Qualified Dashiki Fabric Wholesale Manufacturer in China

Many wholesale businesses, organizations, and even governments worldwide choose W&G as their one-stop Dashiki fabric manufacturer in China. We offer competitive stock-lot and factory-direct prices, custom labeling and packaging, and professional 24/7 online support. Our colourful and soft Dashiki wholesale fabrics are used to make shirts, tunics, dresses, jackets, and more. We guarantee the quality of our fabrics and services with our numerous certificates. For example, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, GB/T28001-2011, EOKO-TEX100, OCS, GRS, and AEO. Furthermore, W&G cooperates with well-known companies in the African Dashiki fabric industry, and we have an excellent reputation in this area. Get our best quote today! Let’s build an ornate wholesale partnership!

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