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Your Skilled Wholesale African Dutch Wax Fabric Manufacturer in China

W&G is proudly among the best wholesale Dutch wax manufacturers in China. Our annual production capacity reaches 100,000,000 yards of fine Dutch print fabric. Plus, our factory boasts our 17,000 skilled employees and more than 20 creative print designers. W&G Dutch wax fabric designs are printed on high-quality 100% cotton poplin. It may have a matte, embossed, or lustrous look. We have 30,000 ready designs with abstract, geometric, organic, animal, bubble, embellished, and other traditional and modern motifs. Your wholesale business will receive versatile, durable, and soft Dutch wax fabrics. And we offer all this in hopes of becoming your top choice wholesale Dutch wax prints supplier—and help your business grow.

W&G, Your Creative Dutch Wax China Supplier

As already mentioned, W&G has more than 20 talented designers that draw inspiration from traditional African styles. Our Dutch wax prints knit together influences from Nigerian Uganda, Zambia, Guinea, and Ghana. We also include important cultural and historical elements. Dutch wax originated as a reproduction of Indonesian batik. They gained popularity in West Africa for their irregularities and lively appearance. And as a creative wholesale Dutch wax supplier, W&G tries to reflect the traditional vivid designs of Dutch print fabrics, adding a unique modern spin.

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Your Trustworthy African Dutch Wax Print Fabric Supplier in China

Being among the top Dutch wax print manufacturers in China, we can vouch for our quality and services. Our quality control team inspects every step of Dutch wax production: cotton yarn, grey fabric, and resulting printed fabric. Not only,Take a look at the list of our quality certificates! These include ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, GB/T28001-2011, EOKO-TEX100, OCS, GRS, and AEO certificates. We work with wholesale businesses worldwide, from North America to Western Europe, and Africa. Countless brands, governments, and distributors chose W&G as their #1 Dutch wax prints supplier from China. We will offer you OEM and ODM designs, 24/7 support, and customs clearance. Contact us today, and let W&G become your reliable wholesale African Dutch wax fabric manufacturer!

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