W&G, Your Reliable Holland Wax Prints Manufacturer in China

  • Manufacturing capacity of 100,000,000 yards of quality Holland wax prints per year
  • Up to 1000 new designs each year
  • Reasonable and fair prices to help your Holland wax wholesale business profit

Your Premier Holland Wax Prints Manufacturer

W&G supplies wax textiles with unparalleled advantages—all to be the perfect superHolland wax print supplier for your wholesale business. With 17,000 workers, we manufacture 300,000 yards of competitively-priced wax fabrics per day. Our responsible quality control team guarantees the quality of fabrics and prints. Your business will get durable, colourful, soft, lustrous, and versatile African super holland wax fabrics. As a reliable wholesale Holland wax prints manufacturer, W&G offers woven fabric with wax printing, embossed, silky, and bubble textures. Because we use 100% natural high-grade cotton, our superHolland wax fabrics are breathable and comfortable. We are confident that our factory production and material features will help your business growing.

Culture-Oriented Approach for Successful African Holland Wax Prints Manufacturer in China

W&G takes great care to support not only the Holland wax print textile market but also the culture behind it. Our Holland wax print fabrics are inspired by Indonesian batik print styles, Nigerian textiles, and Kente cloths. W&G uses superHolland wax printing to manufacture vibrant fabric designs, combining African ethnic motifs with modern style. With our approach, we have brought success to wholesale businesses and start-ups all over the world. As a premium Holland wax prints manufacturer, we take pride in our fabrics and their cultural significance.

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Your One-Stop Holland Super Wax Material Supplier

About 90% of our production goes to Africa. We help super Holland wax wholesale businesses in Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d’lvoire, Congo, Zambia, Guinea, Ghana, and so on. Besides businesses, various African institutions and festival companies have chosen W&G as the primary Holland wax prints manufacturer. If you request in bulk, we can add your custom logo on the print and package everything according to your request. So, why is W&G the one-stop Holland wax prints supplier? We will support your business from start to finish—from the OEM/ODM design idea to worldwide shipping. Let W&G become your #1 wholesale Holland wax prints manufacturer in China. Get the best quote from us today, and let’s wrap your business in success!

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