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Your China Wholesale African Java Print Fabric Supplier

After 15 years of experience in the market, W&G has become a first-class wholesale Java wax fabric supplier in China. We have the power of 66 printing lines and 17,000 workers to fulfil your business requirements. In fact, we manufacture about 100,000,000 yards of 100% cotton Java wax per year. Our Java fabrics can carry up to twelve different colours, which are traditionally vivid in style and enriched by the special sheen and soft surface of the fabric.Being a prime Java print manufacturer, we can offer you a wide variety finishing of wholesale woven poplin javafabrics. Our organic and geometric patterns may be embellished with gold or silver print to add an extra eye-catching detail to the already beautiful designs.

Your Wholesale Fashionable African Java Print Fabric Manufacturer

Over the years, Java wax print fabrics have become the pinnacle of high fashion. Many designers use them to make a statement. This is why W&G is proud to be a wholesale Java wax manufacturer. Originating from Indonesian batik, this super wax embellish fabric combines tradition and modernity, rich culture and contemporary tastes. And more than 20 W&G designers do just that. They draw inspiration from Nigerian Ankara, Kitenge, Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania,  Kenyan, Ghana, and other styles. As such, our wholesale Java wax fabrics are popular with many brands and businesses worldwide.

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W&G — Your Leading Java Wax Print Fabric Supplier in China

As a premium Java wax print supplier in China, W&G is dedicated to helping your business growing. We supply OEM, ODM, make-to-order, and in-stock wholesale Java print wax. Many different brands, festivals, organizations, and institutions request our durable and elegant Java prints in bulk. W&G is the top choice wholesale Java super wax embellish manufacturer in Africa, North America, and Western Europe. We will help you with custom packaging, quality control, customs clearance, and 24/7 online support. With all this, W&G became the top-of-the-pile African fabric manufacturer in China. Contact us today to weave the best business partnership!

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