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  • W&G stores the broadest collection of designs, with more than 30,000 patterns.
  • We provide the cheapest rates in the industry, as well as flawless services.
  • W&G uses the services of the most reliable logistic partners.

Your One-Stop African and Kanga Fabric Supplier

W&G is proud to be among the leading companies in the textile industry and bring the most stylish solutions to our customers. Our goal is to be your one-stop manufacturer and supplier of any kind of African textiles, including Kanga fabric. To do so, we store the widest range of fabrics and provide excellent additional services and prices. Our shipping partners can help you not only with the express delivery but also with customs clearance procedures and storage of your wholesale Kanga fabric shipment. When you place your order, you get the comprehensive services from our qualified customer support team. We never leave you during your Kanga fabric order providing all the required help along the way.

Kanga Fabric Cultural Phenomenon

W&G’s mission is to help our customers reach the beauty and elegance of the African textile industry. We appreciate the history that stands behind the Kanga fabric production and tends to continue its path among worldwide fashion admirers. We use traditional techniques, natural materials, and qualified well-paid labor to bring you the authentic choice of African textiles, including Khanga fabric.

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Advanced Kanga Fabric Manufacturer – W&G

Our story of success was predetermined by our win-win strategy of development. For more than 15 years of existence, we have targeted the achievements and profits of your business in the first place. We offer you the most reasonable prices in the market to help you gain the required dominant position among your direct competitors. When you achieve your goals, your business develops and you order our goods again to complete the cycle. With our reliable network of regular customers, we guarantee the flow of incoming orders and can make our manufacturing process as effective as possible. Eventually, you get the best services and Kanga material for the cheapest prices possible.

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