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  • Over 17,000 qualified textile experts that can fulfill any order.
  • 66 printing lines that can produce 100,000,000 yards of fabric each year.
  • Reasonable rates that help your enterprise to earn more money.

Professional Navajo Print Fabric Wholesaler

W&G is a well-known Chinese provider of Navajo print fabrics and other national textiles. We have gained a nearly perfect reputation because we are always placing the interests of our clients in the first place. When you are working with W&G, you obtain an endless source of qualitative Navajo print fabrics for the cheapest rates possible.

We are also proud to provide excellent customer support and shipping services. We can help you with all delivery hassles, including the clearance of customs both in China and in your country. If you are hurried to get your Navajo upholstery fabric, we can provide you an express delivery option.

Navajo Print Fabric Cultural Mission

W&G supply qualitative Navajo pattern fabric following the mission of cultural exchange and growth. We pick traditional styles of different cultures and popularize them through our collection of textiles. When you buy our Navajo print fabric, you get the classic Native American patterns that are great for the production of clothes and accessories.

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Reliable Navajo Print Fabric Supplier in China – W&G

When you are making business in the textile market, you have to get the quality of your goods and services at the top level. Our Navajo print fabric and other textiles are checked before shipping to avoid you getting a poor quality product. We have achieved a nearly 100% customer satisfaction rate so you can rely on our choice of Navajo print fabrics.

W&G offers a vast range of available designs, with more than 30,000 options in our library. We create 1,000 fresh designs each year, and if you haven’t found the one you like, we can create a unique solution for you. We would be happy to hear your thoughts about our future successful relations. Leave your inquiry via the nearby form.

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