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Your Qualified Wholesale Pagne Africain Fabric Manufacturer in China

W&G has been a premium wholesale pagne Africain manufacturer in China for 15 years. We have developed strong industrial production capabilities, as well as creative generation of pagne wax designs. With 66 printing lines and 17,000 workers, we manufacture 100,000,000 yards of fabric per year. More than 20 designers have already created 30,000 designs, and their collection keeps expanding by 1,000 every year. And, of course, your business can always request a custom design based on your ideas and requirements. Our wholesale pagne Africain wax fabrics are made with 100% natural cotton poplin, ensuring breathability and comfortable feel. W&G pagne wax can also have embossments and bubble effects to compliment floral and circular motifs.

W&G — Your Historical and Elegant Pagne Wax Supplier

Just like all African textiles, pagne wax also has rich history tied to it. Pagne is a French word for “wrapper” or “loincloth”. They were worn as skirts, and such. Thus, we take inspiration from similar Khanga and Chitenge fabrics when creating print designs. Later, pagne wax also denoted a length of 6 yards of commercially printed cloth exported to West Africa. Being a knowledgeable China-based wholesale pagne Africain supplier, W&G reflects this historical significance through our beautiful, soft, shiny, and versatile fabrics.

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Your Top-Choice Pagne Fabrics Manufacturer in China

W&G is the top-choice wholesale pagne Africain manufacturer in China for many businesses, governments, and organizations worldwide. We ship everywhere and anywhere, including West Africa, Southern Africa, North America, Western Europe, and more. However, our pagne wax fabrics are especially popular in Francophone and tropical regions of Africa. If you decide to request in bulk, we will include your custom company logo, slogan, and packaging in the shipment. As a reliable pagne Africain supplier, we also guarantee 24/7 online support to address any issues. Your wholesale business can create any garment from W&G pagne fabric, including boubou, dresses, wraps, head-ties, suits, and more. Contact us today, and let’s unwrap your wholesale success.

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