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  • Capacity 100,000,000 yards of African real wax fabric per year
  • Rock-bottom factory direct and stock-a-lot prices
  • 100% high-grade cotton

Your Professional China Wholesale African Wax Block Print Fabrics Manufacturer

W&G is one of the leading guaranteed real wax block prints manufacturers in China. We supply veritable real wax fabrics worldwide. With our 66 printing lines and more than 30,000 ready veritable wax designs, we will fulfil all your wholesale production needs. Our real wax block printed patterns can be geometric, organic, or a combination of the two. You can either choose an appropriate design or request our OEM service. Real wax textiles can have shiny, embossed, crackle, or 2-colour bubbling effects characteristic for African wax block prints. As a dedicated wholesale real wax cotton fabric supplier, we guarantee beautiful and lively designs your business will profit from.

W&G — Top Supplier of Traditional Real Wax Fabric African Textile

Elegant African wax block print fabrics are rapidly gaining popularity. This is why W&G, as a veritable wax manufacturer, is proud to help African wholesale fabrics businesses grow. Real wax has many historic names: veritable wax fabric, wax block print fabric, and guaranteed real Dutch super wax. It has originated from Javanese batik, been reproduced in Europe, and has become a traditional fashion staple in West Africa. Being a prime wholesale veritable wax fabric supplier, W&G interweaves Nigerian Ankara, GhanainKente, Dutch, and other styles.

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Your Reliable China-Based African Real Wax Fabric Manufacturer

Businesses worldwide rely on W&G to manufacture unique, quality veritable real wax fabrics. Our collection of stunning wax block print designs expands by 1,000 every year. So, you will surely find the perfect designs for your wholesale business.

If not, you can request a custom design, logo, and even packaging. You can also rely on our quality. We always take care to do rigorous quality control. Further more, we will help with your wholesale real wax shipment logistics and after-sales support.

Being a leading binaural wax fabrics supplier, our goal is to help your wholesale business prosper. Get our best quote today, and let’s find real success!

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