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Your Skilled Shweshwe Fabric Wholesale Supplier in China

W&G proudly stands alongside some of the best wholesale Shweshwe fabric suppliers in China. We have helped many businesses unravel their potential in Shweshwe fashion, ethnic festivals and more. We have a large selection of Shweshwe prints. Specifically, we have 30,000 ready designs, with 1,000 more getting developed every year. Of course, we will also support your wholesale business with OEM/ODM services. Generally, W&G Shweshwe printed fabrics have repeating geometric and floral motifs, creating an elegant and complex pattern. Additionally, you can choose embossments, embellishments, and get durable and lustrous fabrics. As an exceptional Shweshwe fabric wholesale supplier, we vouch for our beautiful patterns and materials.

W&G — Your Shweshwe Traditional Fashion Manufacturer

African fabrics all have intricate history and cultural significance weaved into them. And, your Shweshwe manufacturer W&G is happy to spread this culture. Shweshwe fabrics were imported to Southern Africa from Europe and Asia, and gained great popularity among Sotho and Xhosa women. Traditionally, Shweshwe material is indigo, but your wholesale business can choose other colours as well. Intricate patterns were etched into the fabric with acid. Presently, Shweshwe is becoming known as African denim—it is so popular!

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Your Accomplished Wholesale Shweshwe Fabric Manufacturer in China

Being a Shweshwe traditional manufacturer, W&G has accomplished much in this industry. We have worked with reputable wholesale brands worldwide. Upholstery brands, fashion brands, festivals, institutions, and markets choose W&G as their #1 Shweshwe fabric supplier in China. Please read our client testimonies to see our professionalism for yourself! Our Shweshwe material gets shipped to West Africa, South Africa, North America, Western Europe, and more. Plus, we will help you with port clearance and after-sales advice. Get our best quote today, and we will help your wholesale business prosper!

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