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  • High-quality materials and fabrics
  • Production capacity of 100,000,000 yards of stretch African print fabric per year

W&G — Your Innovative Stretch African Fabric Manufacturer in China

W&G is one of the best stretch African fabric suppliers in China. Our African print jersey fabric use high-quality cotton, poly, rayon nylon, and other jersey materials. Knitting makes materials stretchy—so your business will have soft, breathable, durable African jersey fabric. W&G wholesale stretch African fabric is the ideal solution for apparel brands’ plus-size clothing.  The African jersey fabrics can have 4- or 2-way stretch depending on what you request. As a premium stretch African fabric manufacturer, W&G offers many fabric features, like embellishments, bubble effects, bright colours, and shiny surface.

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Your Thoughtful Stretch African Print Fabric Design Wholesale Manufacturer

For 15 years, W&G had the goal of spreading African prints and culture across the world. We have 30,000 ready designs for you to choose from. Plus, our collection expands by 1,000 every year. We knit together influences from various cultures from Southern and West Africa. Our OEM and ODM designs also have modern motifs according to the latest fashion trends. Being a thoughtful stretch African fabric manufacturer, we are proud to print our designs onto African print jersey fabric to guarantee the inclusivity of your wholesale business.

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Your World-Class Stretch African Print Fabric Supplier in China

Although 90% of W&G fabrics are exported to Africa, we still have wholesale business clients in North America and Western Europe. Stretch African fabrics find popularity worldwide. Our custom stretch prints are well-received in Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d’lvoire, Congo, Zambia, Guinea, Ghana, South Africa, and others. Apparel brands make dresses, T-shirts, skirts, costumes, bags, and shoes from W&G wholesale stretch Ankara fabrics. These fabrics are elegant, vivid, versatile, and comfortable for anyone to wear. Besides the fabrics themselves, as a world-class stretch African fabric supplier, we offer after-sales services. For example, custom packaging, customs clearance, and 24/7 online support. Contact us today, and let’s expand your wholesale business possibilities.

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